Sleeping time is the most important time of everyone’s life. This is the time when you get to rest from a busy day. Assuming you want to purchase the best bed or futon there are many things you need to know. Below is a concrete discussion on the topic that will help you compare and make the most suitable decision.

Define a futon

Futon was originally a Japanese term that referred to a style of mattress that consisted of comforters and mattresses put on the floor for the family to sleep on then in the morning could be easily folded again into a couch. In this case, it is supposed to act as a bed.

Reasons why you should own one

Space is not an issue because it can be folded into a couch and made back to a bed to the night. It is most suited for those with limited space.

Moving it around is easy work. unlike a bed where you have to disassemble it and might need the help of around 2 people, a futon frame is simply collapsed then carry it anywhere you desire.

It is best suited for a modern room as its appearance style can be changed to suit your desires every so often, note that it can be folded to a bed, a couch or a futon.

In the market, futon for sale is generally cheaper to buy and for your information, this is a high-quality futon.


If you love large sleeping space then futon might not be for you as it is folded which means it isn’t that big.

The mattress and pillow used on it are often thin which might deny you the stable comfort you desire.

Futon mattresses are folded every now and then which means that it can wear out quicker.

How about a bed?

This usually comes in form of either metal or wood and needs a frame as well as a spring/wooden support and your desired mattress to be called a bed.

Advantages of having a bed

This is the most common concept. It comes in different sizes and styles, you are sure to earn sufficient rest of your back, joints and muscles on your thick mattress.

There are beds for all kinds of people those with back and joints diseases, kids, elderly and the sick.

The mattress when fitted on the bed is sure to last longer because it doesn’t need to be moved every so often.


Most beds occupy large space which means you can buy it if you have a lot of space. Even though it comes in different sizes you need some ample space or else your room will be so squeezed.

Assembling it requires time as it has many pieces that need to be fitted in order to maintain its steadiness. Lastly moving it around is not easy once you have assembled it you must remove the pieces in order to move it.

Points to consider when buying either a futon or a bed;

  • What is the budget cost you have?
  • What space are we expecting to fill with the futon or bed?
  • Do you have special needs that would require a bed?

So, if you have a small space and are not having any health issues like a spinal problem the best futon will be your best bet. But if space is not an issue for you and you have back problems then always choose a bed together with the best mattress in the market.